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Manufacturer: Avigilon

Avigilon 7K HD Pro camera is the security industry’s first single-sensor 7K (30 megapixel) security camera. It delivers stunning image detail even in extreme lighting conditions and provides the coverage area of 99 traditional VGA resolution cameras. The 7K HD Pro camera keeps storage and bandwidth requirements low through seamless integration with our patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0 technology.

H4 Dome_IR_Side
Manufacturer: Avigilon

Avigilon™ dome cameras provide high image detail in a range of settings such as offices, hallways and building entrances. Embedded with self-learning video analytics and with resolutions from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD, the H4 dome cameras are designed to integrate with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), and third party VMS software and to install quickly and easily with remote zoom and focus. Our dome cameras are also impact resistant to enhance security in any installation.


H4 ES_Product Family_High Res
Manufacturer: Avigilon

As an Internet of Things device, the H4 Edge Solution (ES) Camera line records video directly to an onboard solid-state drive and combines high-definition imaging, self-learning video analytics, network video recorder functionality, and embedded Avigilon Control Center video management software to create an all-in-one intelligent surveillance solution. Available as in bullet, dome, and body/box camera form factors, these cameras allow you to monitor a remote location without expensive network and server hardware.

H4 SL_Bullet_Angle
Manufacturer: Avigilon

The H4 SL camera is our easiest-to-install camera yet, decreasing installation time by up to 50 percent. Available in bullet and dome formats, the H4 SL camera’s modular design allows it to snap into the base of your choice. These versatile cameras are quick to install and alternate easily between surface, in-ceiling and pendant mounts, even when you may not know the mounting requirements.

Manufacturer: Avigilon

The 2 MP HD Micro Dome camera is the industry’s smallest high definition dome camera and enables a cost-effective transition to HD video surveillance and all the advantages of Avigilon Control Center. With 3 axis of rotation and 30 images per second at full resolution, the 2 MP HD Micro Dome camera delivers a versatile solution for retail, banking and commercial installations.


Manufacturer: Avigilon

The 12 MP HD Multisensor camera enables users to monitor and cover challenging environments that normally require multiple cameras, delivering superior image detail. With 4 fully-customizable sensors that can be adjusted for nearly any viewing angle, you can be sure you'll get the coverage that's specific to your needs.

H4 PTZ_Pendant_Angle
Manufacturer: Avigilon

The new H4 PTZ camera line is available in 1 and 2 megapixel (MP) camera resolutions with indoor/outdoor pendant and in-ceiling mounts. The 1 MP PTZ camera offers 45x zoom, while the 2 MP PTZ has a built-in 30x zoom lens for high-quality, detailed images when zooming in.

Manufacturer: Avigilon

Our 8 MP 180° JPEG2000 HD Pano Dome camera gives complete 180-degree panoramic coverage from a single camera with four 2 MP sensors. This camera offers live and post-incident digital PTZ and offers versatile three-axis adjustment for simple installation in any configuration.

Manufacturer: Avigilon

Our video encoder is a cost-effective way to migrate your legacy analog system to a network-based IP-system. You get the benefits of a digital system while still using your analog cameras, enabling you to migrate to a full digital system when you’re ready.

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