What is Sound Masking? Sound Masking is the introduction of a calibrated noise signal which makes it difficult to overhear conversations. In contrast with "noise cancelling", which involves active signal processing and a strictly controlled acoustic environment only really possible in that of consumer headphones, sound masking is a passive system that raises the ambient noise level of a large space. It may seem counter-intuitive to add noise to reduce distraction, but in practice, the masking noise naturally heard and dismissed by the human ear as HVAC noise. Here's how it works...

The Sound Masking noise is different from "white noise" and "pink noise" by being targeted specifically across the human voice frequency spectrum, ~180-1100 Hz. This allows the masking process to generate a higher level of masking noise without anyone taking notice. When a person enters a room where this noise is being generated, the auditory processing of the brain assumes and dismisses the noise as air handling. This causes them to continue to speak at a comfortable, regular volume, making it harder to a) overhear a conversation, and b) have a nearby conversation cause distraction.

Sound Masking is a key part of controlling a sound environment to bolster productivity and confidentiality. The evolution of modern architecture and interior decor has given us beautiful spaces that utilize metal, glass and wood. However, all of these materials reflect sound, and make for a noisy environment. Particularly in open offices, the reduction of distraction from speech can make your workforce more focused and productive. In environments where lack of speech privacy can bring litigation, sound masking can save you tremendous amounts of time and money.

In addition to the speech privacy of the sound masking signal, there are other features available in masking systems from our partners at Cambridge Sound Management. Paging integration and over-the-network management add to the practicality of implementing this purpose-built hardware into your facilities, while background music options with the Active Emitters assist with system adoption in existing facilities. Don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation and a free quote. 

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