The first solution is a non-contact infrared scanning post with an integrated LCD display. This post can be rapidly deployed at entrances, enabling people to pass their wrist over the sensor between 2-4 cm away, preventing the spread of disease through physical contact. The infrared sensor instantly detects elevated body temperature with extremely high accuracy. An audible alarm will sound if their temperature is above a certain threshold, and they can be sent home to heal before they infect others. This automatic station can be deployed at multiple doors in place of costly personnel who would also be at risk of contracting a disease, and use scarce protective equipment. Available now, each unit costs only $4999 including labor.


The second solution combines the non-contact infrared scanning post with a metal detector. Infrared sensors at two different heights make scanning flexible for everyone, while metal detectors also alert security staff to potential violent threats. Displays on top indicate the person’s heat level, as well as a scale of metal content detected, both of which audibly alert staff when their readings surpass a programmed threshold. Available today for $4999 per unit. 


If you would like to implement one of these solutions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. Stock is available now, but we expect them to sell quickly.

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