Cambridge Qt Conference Room Edition

Category: Sound Masking
Manufacturer: Cambridge Sound Management show products
    • Speech privacy protection
      The Qt Conference Room Edition control module is the brain of the system. Installed inside of the conference room, occupants can easily activate the system and be confident that their conversations will not be overheard.
    • Sleek and modern design
      The Qt Conference Room Edition allows you to keep the contemporary, state-of-the-art design style of your conference room without compromising speech privacy.
    • Easy to Use
      Designed for office workers, the Qt Conference Room Edition can be activated with a push of one-button. The LCD screen clearly displays the current status, providing worry-free control.
    • Confirmation of meeting privacy
      The Qt Conference Room Edition comes equipped with two automatically lighted privacy signs. One sign acts as an confirmation to meeting occupants that their speech is now protected - while the other sign informs workers outside the room that the sound masking has been activated.
    • Energy efficient and LEED friendly
      The entire system is GreenSpec listed, consuming less than 7 watts of power. The Qt Conference Room system can be turned on and off as needed for meetings - or left running at all times.
    • Installer friendly
      Privacy signs can be surface mounted, glass mounted, or mounted into a gang box, easily blending in with modern office decor.


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