License Plate Recognition

Category: HD / IP Cameras
Manufacturer: Avigilon show products


The Avigilon Control Center HD LPR provides single and multiple lane LPR with HD accuracy from a single camera. Fully integrated with ACC and combined with Avigilon's LPR capture kits, high-definition LPR captures license plates with incredible detail in all conditions, 24 hours a day.

JPEG2000 Compression

NIR Sensitivity

Maximum imaging performance with IR illuminators

Roman and Arabic Alphabet Support

Can be used in markets throughout the world

Day / Night Functions

Capture detailed high-quality images in both day and nighttime settings

Single Camera, Multiple Lanes

Provides wide coverage so you need fewer cameras, reducing installation and maintenance costs


Auto-detection and auto-configuration of cameras for easy installation

Street scene

Recognition in challenging light conditions from up to 100 feet away.


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