Procom has designed and tested security camera systems for gas stations that allow for great clarity and detail. We know that great attention to detail is a must in order to effectively cover the high volume of traffic in a gas station from license plates to point of sale cash register transactions.

When installing a camera system at a gas station, license plate capture cameras are an important part in protecting profits. With high definition cameras you can not only capture license plates but also the make, model, and description of any car that is in the perimeter of the gas station as well facial recognition and slip and fall accidents. In addition, our camera systems allow for “remote live viewing” which allows to you to view your system from anywhere via the internet. While watching remotely you can also use point of sale software from I3DVR international which will allow you to see everything that is “rung up” at the cash register on the video screen in live time. This will help prevent employee theft and will allow for a more efficiently run business.

Below are a few High Definition systems that will help prevent drive-offs and protect profits.

  • High Definition 1080P cameras and recorder
  • Remote access via iPhone, Mac,PC, or Android
  • License Plate Recognition Recording in total darkness
  • Cash drawer surveillance with money tendered details
  • NVR system may record from 30 to 180 days- Offsite recording - optional
  • POS integration: see your transactions live- optional
  • HD true day/night function
  • Smart system alerts
  • Enterprise interface for multiple locations
  • See all your business on one screen at your home or office
  • Adaptive Infrared
  • Environmental camera housing
  • Highest quality in the industry
  • Wide horizontal field view
  • Retrofit systems option
  • We can use existing wiring to connect HD cameras
  • Easy financing / leasing option
  • Two year system warranty


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