Since 1993 we have designed security systems for small and large retail outfits. One might think that security cameras are all only needed to catch shop lifters and proof for slip and fall accidents. From our experience this is about 30% of the practical uses for this system. Security cameras in this environment serve best as an “employee management tool” which makes up for the other 70% of system usage and correctly placing these cameras will reduce employee theft. It takes years of experience to correctly place cameras to catch details to prosecute dishonest employees or simple theft.

Typically, a large grocery store has 35,000 plus sq ft with a lot small areas to be monitored.

Typical places are:

Cash register to catch “sweethearting” and prevent liquor to be sold to minors at the sparkling water price

Meat, Deli, Produce prep - insurance purposes, quality control and other HR related issues

Garbage, shipping, receiving area – this is where your merchandise “walks out” by the pallet

Lunch Room, Storage - typical hide out and sleep areas

Produce, ice coolers – place where most slip and fall accidents are happening.

The list goes on and on, our job is to use the minimum number of cameras with high definition resolution to protect your money and merchandise. High definition megapixel cameras can replace up to 27 traditional cameras if correctly placed. Cash register integration gives you full control of money collected. Internet access to the system gives you peace of mind in case of false alarm or business trip – you are in control!

  • High Definition 1080P cameras and recorder
  • Remote access via iPhone, Mac,PC, or Android
  • License Plate Recognition Recording in total darkness
  • Cash drawer surveillance with money tendered details
  • NVR system may record from 30 to 180 days- Offsite recording - optional
  • POS integration: see your transactions live- optional
  • HD true day/night function
  • Smart system alerts
  • Enterprise interface for multiple locations
  • See all your business on one screen at your home or office
  • Adaptive Infrared
  • Environmental camera housing
  • Highest quality in the industry
  • Wide horizontal field view
  • Retrofit systems option
  • We can use existing wiring to connect HD cameras
  • Easy financing / leasing option
  • Two year system warranty


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