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Did you know?

  • Traditional parking surveillance involves many low-resolution or analog cameras each covering small areas

  • This makes installation, maintenance and service complicated and costly, and the operation of such systems is unreliable, clumsy and challenging

What we do

  • 4K or higher resolution IP cameras cover wide overviews of your parking lots and grounds

  • Digital zooming on live or recorded video covers the views of several traditional cameras on one IP device, reducing installation and maintenance costs, and being much easier to operate

  • Closeup cameras watching the entrances provide license plate capturing, giving you a clear record of who enters and leaves your property

  • Video Analytics identify people and vehicles, highlighting them as specific, searchable objects with incredible accuracy, giving you actionable information and eliminating false alarms

  • Hallways, lobbies and sensitive areas are monitored by analytics-equipped cameras, enabling Appearance Search which tracks a person with a specific appearance throughout the facility


29053 sin Sello UL3Access Control

Did you know?

  • Traditional key locks are expensive to service and replace if a key “walks off”

  • Traditional hotel wireless locks are prone to battery failures and demagnetization, which eat up the time of your Front Desk and Maintenance staff, while also inconveniencing your guests

  • Standard hotel security level is low, it’s management minimal - keys can be copied, and people can get to any floor with unsecured elevator access

What we do

  • Keycards store data and pass updated access levels and blacklists to wireless locks as they get used; blacklisted cards get completely erased if they attempt access

  • Wireless locks are linked to a wireless network separate from wifi bands, undetectable to wifi scanners, adding security; the locks can then be updated automatically at regular intervals, increasing security and redundancy

  • Battery status of each lock is written to cards and transmitted to the wireless network, ensuring your Access Management software alerts you when batteries need to be replaced

  • The same keycard used to get in the guest rooms can be swiped over a reader in the elevator, restricting access only to the floor they’re staying on, or the conference room they’ve booked





Sound, and Sound Masking

Did you know?

  • Background music works best when nobody notices it

  • Most music systems have volume hotspots and distractingly low audio quality

  • Even the best music systems don’t effectively increase speech privacy in sensitive areas

What we do

  • Small, inexpensive speakers are installed each within 8-12 feet of each other (depending on ceiling height), daisy-chained wiring from one to the next, offering even coverage and simple installation

  • Zones of speakers can be managed independently as needed

  • The same speakers providing music are also designed for playing a constant, low-level signal similar to white noise; this elevates the sound level in a room in the speech range, making it difficult to overhear a conversation

  • People in the space dismiss the sound masking noise as HVAC, so your guests will never notice

  • Speech privacy adds value to meeting spaces and makes hallway sound leak into guest rooms less noticeable


Why Procom?

We have been in the business over 23 years, and are always seeking not simply the newest, but the best technologies to meet our customers' needs. We send our technicians on regular training and re-training programs to make them and keep them experts in the field. If you're looking for the best security and surveillance system for your hotel, look no further. Located in Elk Grove Village, we're able to quickly service your needs in the greater Chicagoland area.


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