We serve as dedicated partners to provide solutions through the efficient use of technology
and innovation engineered to meet our clients' specific monitoring and security requirements.

Innovative, Adaptive Solutions for Commercial Tech-Driven Projects

Over the past two decades that we've been involved with service to our clients, technology has made tremendous strides in the field of digital communications techniques. Our engineers and staff have kept current with these changes to retain our spot as a leader in custom electronic systems and this experience translates into cost saving benefits to our clients. Procom specializes in the design and implementation of intelligent control technologies such as digital security and surveillance systems, access control, burglar and fire alarm systems.

End-to-End Solutions

In the tech world, when systems integration fails it is often related to a 'single-point-failure' which means one part of a complex system fails and the system goes down; that's when the finger-pointing begins and the end user suffers. To reduce the chance of this occurrence, Procom protects its clients with designs that provide a single point-of-contact for effective end-to-end services. Our Integrated Partner List (IPL) connects Procom directly with the major manufacturers we use in our installations; our engineers and designers receive training and updates directly from the sources we represent. So, in addition to design, installation, and maintenance of your system we keep our clients informed of technical updates and improvements that can enhance project efficiency and effectiveness. Procom is the industry's single- source-provider dedicated to serve the best interests of our clients.

Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television Systems

As a leader in loss prevention products and services, Procom provides clients with a complete range of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), security and surveillance solutions. Our CCTV surveillance systems produce high quality video archive on the edge and with optional offsite cloud backup for as long as 180 days. Systems are seamlessly integrated with a door access and alarm in one easy to use single complete solution. Our designs are so effective they were employed by the Chicago Police Department to identify and apprehend criminals 'caught in the act”.

Access Control Systems

Access to your facility means opportunity; whether its access to your structure or to protected areas of a building, this opportunity may not be intended for just anyone. Procom works with clients to create access control systems which meet specific needs for restriction. Video monitoring allows security to view persons seeking access while biometric (e.g. palm prints) restricts access to specifically approved personnel. It is an unfortunate condition of today's environment that reports of tragedy seem to appear daily in the national news and one can only speculate on how many of them might have been avoided had effective access controls been in place.

Procom can customize an access system designed to meet or exceed any size requirement from single doors to entire buildings. Access systems can include recording capabilities when the future review of current activities is required. Access control is the first step towards premise security, safety, and peace of mind.

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