As a business owner or warehouse manager, you have thousands of dollars worth of stock entering and leaving your dock on a daily basis. You may never see same driver twice, even from the same carrier. How can you safeguard your assets against theft, and protect yourself from false liability claims? Procom is here to help.


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Perimeter Surveillance

  • Just as important as monitoring your assets is surveilling the exterior premises

  • License plate recognition cameras can automatically catalog each truck or car that drives through your entrances

  • High-resolution overview cameras capture safety violations and traffic collisions on your property

  • Cameras at each man door capture who goes in and out of the facility


Warehouse Monitoring

  • We prevent theft and document property damage by installing cameras at both ends of each aisle for full coverage

  • HD cameras with zoom lenses are mounted across from each overhead door, low enough to see inside each trailer, watching for sticky fingers and liabilities

  • For cold storage warehouses, outdoor-rated self-heating cameras are mounted inside to reliably monitor sub-zero environments


Access Control

  • Access Control and Video Surveillance integration allows you to open your gates remotely after visually confirming the entrant is authorized

  • Contacts on overhead doors let you know if a bay is open when it shouldn’t be, and can be linked to the camera watching that area

  • Motion sensors can be installed in sensitive areas to trigger silent or audible alarms after hours, and notifications can be automatically sent to your phone so you can act

  • Ease the access of your employees by utilizing long-range vehicle tag readers, automatically raising your gates for access to trusted personnel

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Why Procom?

If you can only accept the best surveillance and security system for your warehouse and cold storage facilities, we want your business. We take considerable time and effort to train our technicians to be proficient in the latest security technology. Armed with that expertise, we can effectively integrate technologies together to give you an effective security solution, and train you to effectively implement it. And from our home office in Elk Grove Village, we’re never far away from servicing your system maintenance needs, leveraging remote access desktop sharing support for fast assistance.


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