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Office security can be a unique challenge. Visitors tend to be few, and far between. Assets tend to be minimal and kept in just a few locations. More than anything else, the focus is on people and what they do. We at Procom know how to implement a full-coverage office security system integrating several technologies, which is simultaneously comprehensive, unintrusive, and cost effective.



  • Parking lots are monitored with a small number of ultra-high resolution cameras, achieving both situational awareness overview and detail when zooming in digitally

  • The reception area is monitored by 2-4 HD cameras to monitor interactions and recognize faces

  • Office areas are monitored by mini dome cameras in the ceiling, distributed evenly for discrete, but comprehensive coverage of people’s desks and computers; these can also be equipped with microphones, and the audio set to be accessed only by privileged personnel

  • Server rooms have cameras inside that will catch the face of anyone who opens the door - email notifications can be set to alert you when this camera senses motion

  • Break rooms are monitored by two mini domes at opposite corners of the room for discrete situational awareness


Access Control

  • Traditional card access can be augmented with biometric and fingerprint readers for sensitive areas

  • Man-traps can be created at an entrance to create opportunity to isolate and handle an unauthorized entrant

  • Access Control management is integrated with the Video Management software so monitoring operators can compare a badge read with the live video of that entry

  • Anti-passback features prevent the same card being used twice to enter the same door


Sound Masking

  • Confidentiality by increased speech privacy

  • Small, discrete emitters are spaced 8-12 feet from each other on the ceiling, generating constant white noise in the speech spectrum

  • Raises the level of ambient noise in a calibrated range that makes overhearing conversations difficult

  • Sound masking signal is passive and dismissed by the office occupants by sounding like HVAC

  • The same emitters can also be used for paging and background music

  • Background music compounds the effectiveness of the sound masking system, giving the occupants' ears something to pay attention to that isn’t a nearby conversation

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