We here at Procom would like to thank our fantastic customers for helping make us the largest Avigilon dealer in the Midwest. Avigilon has created a full line of dependable, feature-rich hardware, which saves time and money. Coupled with intuitive, effective software, our customers have been more efficient with their time, and the duration and cost of our deployment and training have been reduced as well.

We may be the biggest Avigilon dealer, but there’s still room for growth! When our customers are happy, we’re happy, and we want you to be a part of it, too! Call us or drop by so we can show you why Avigilon works for us and can work for you. Let us demonstrate the power of Video Analytics and Appearance Search, and how Avigilon can not only help you keep an eye on your facility, but empower you to actively prevent incidents before they occur!

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