A building as large as the one at 4000 W. Diversey in Chicago has many security challenges. At around 1.2 million square feet, with multiple businesses, a residential area and two floors of parking garage, controlling access and monitoring traffic areas requires extensive planning, and creative problem-solving. Here’s how we did it.

Vehicular access is a must, especially with businesses like Crate & Barrel and Cermak Produce sharing the space. Long distance vehicle tag readers from Nedap allow access only to authorized vehicles after business hours on the 2nd floor, and restrict access to the 3rd floor 24/7. This allows for Cermak’s customers to have easy and flexible customer parking, and reserved parking for Crate & Barrel staff. Nedap readers are powerful, rugged and flexible devices that read vehicle tags up to 30 feet away as they approach, opening gates and overhead doors before the vehicle has to slow down. Powered by PoE and configurable over the network, adjustments can be made to their calibration and settings at any time, and a wiegand interface ties them directly into the building’s central access control system. Access can be granted or denied to a person with a few button clicks.

For pedestrian traffic, there are several entrances around the perimeter of the building. As more tenants sign lease agreements in this newly refurbished building, flexibility of access is a must, as both lessees and contractors will need to enter various parts of the building at different times. Powered by 2N, an Axis company, video intercoms installed at entry points around the building allow for two-way audio communication and video confirmation of a person attempting entry at a secure door. Simple, cost-effective cloud based user management allows JLL management staff to enroll new mobile devices to receive video calls, and empower tenants to take control of their own secure access. Touch keypads with embedded RFID readers allow for PIN codes and electronic access cards to be used as directed by management. These 2N intercoms are web-enabled and powered by PoE, and can be remotely managed from anywhere. Click here to learn more about 2N’s powerful access control and intercom solutions.

The backbone of the access control system is based on ubiquitous Mercury Security panels, powered by enterprise-class management software, Avigilon ACM. Via Avigilon’s web portal, operator and user management can be done over the internet from any location by JLL management staff. Partitions in ACM created for major tenants, like Crate & Barrel, allows independent access management of C&B staff at their entry points, without JLL supervision.

Surveillance duties are performed by Avigilon Control Center. A combination of Avigilon 12MP fisheye cameras at the ramps and lobby entrances cover a wide area with no blind spots, and a bullet camera with built-in analytics identifies people and vehicles entering and leaving via the driveway to the trucking lot. It also overlooks a gate, which is closed after hours; this gate can be opened by triggering the camera’s built-in relay output, allowing the monitoring company to grant access to authorized vehicles after hours. Using the 2N Enhanced Video license, the ONVIF-compliant cameras built into the intercoms are also integrated and recorded by the Avigilon server, expanding the surveillance coverage for incident investigation. Finally, PTZ cameras are installed on both street-facing sides of the building, offering interactive, detailed surveillance coverage of the highest traffic exterior areas.

Comprehensive security for a complex facility. Procom has it covered.

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