Surveillance technology has made tremendous strides. High resolution image sensors, infrared night vision, thermal imaging, and light catching technology make capturing video of incidents more detailed and effective than ever. What really unifies all these technologies into a truly powerful surveillance solution is Video Analytics.

Analytics-equipped devices (cameras or analytics appliances) have the intelligence to distinguish people and vehicles from everything else in their field of view. It highlights these classified objects and records the analytic data on the server for action or review. Detailed analysis of this data distinguishes appearance of clothing, facial features, vehicle style and color, which are then searchable filters. A massive facility with 250 cameras can immediately display all appearances of a specific person everywhere they went throughout the grounds and interior.

Analytics is therefore extremely powerful for investigation purposes. But it reaches the next level by allowing identification of a particular vehicle or a face to alert security personnel to act. This transforms your surveillance system from reactionary to proactive. That’s the power of Video Analytics.

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