Utilizing the Mercury-based access control solution provided by Avigilon, we took over control of the automatic gate arms with a comprehensive browser-based user management portal. 

Access through those gate arms happens one of two ways: long-distance RFID tag readers relay unique ID numbers to the access controller to automatically open the gate to authorized users as they enter the lane. Those without a valid tag pull up to the 2N IP Verso intercom mounted on the pole at each lane and call the guard shack at the other end of the building. The guard is able to have a video conversation with the person to determine if they are authorized to be there, and a remote release within the call enables the intercom to trigger the gate open. 

Avigilon cameras on each pole capture the lane entrance in high resolution, with detail enough to capture license plate numbers. Both the Avigilon cameras and the cameras inside the intercoms are recorded to an Avigilon edge storage device in a secure enclosure, retaining video up to 30 days. 

All these devices communicate with the building network infrastructure through an enterprise-class Ubiquiti wireless link. Mounted on a mast high enough to avoid obstructing the access point on the building by a passing truck, network connection is maintained in all weather. 

With this solution, the Produce Market was able to more than double their traffic bandwidth without adding any personnel. That's a Procom solution we're proud of.


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