In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, school administrators asked the question, "If all our buildings are required to have fire alarm systems for fire emergencies, why not have a similar system for police emergencies?" Bluepoint has met that challenge with a system as intuitive and reliable as a fire alarm system, and requires no training.

Clearly marked with a bright blue case and "POLICE" across the top, these pull stations are programmed with location data within your building that guides local police directly to the scene of the incident. This system is able to pair with wearable wireless panic fobs and mobile device integration, enabling instant alert and response of staff within the building and emergency services, even providing user-captured images to the authorities. Now, with the additional "MEDICAL" pull station available for installation in areas where medical emergencies are most likely to occur, an even greater level of quick, specific response is possible in your school, corporate or commercial facility. Contact us to find out how these true live safety solutions can bring you peace of mind. 

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