We have showcased the incredible technology of Avigilon in many ways. Intelligent analytics cameras can identify vehicles and people, and Appearance Search can search your entire facility for a person or vehicle of interest within a few clicks. However, you may have already invested in a competitor's products, or even an older Avigilon system, and replacing your entire infrastructure is far outside your budget. That's where the AI Appliance comes in. 

Utilizing the ubiquitous Dell server architecture, Avigilon has built in powerful graphics analysis hardware into a single networked appliance. Once installed, the Appliance is seamlessly integrated into Avigilon Control Center as a new resource. It analyzes the video streams of any IP camera you assign to it, and - whether it be an pre-analytics Avigilon camera, or even a third party camera - it tags classified objects with the same data a brand new H5 Analytics camera would have. This makes it possible for you to utilize the powerful search capabilities just released in ACC 7 on a system deployed 5 years ago, or even older. This is a value-added device that can make any new or existing surveillance system that much more powerful. 

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