The project at 171 N. Aberdeen involved the integration of several technologies to complete a comprehensive security solution. The building hosts retail space on the ground floor, two parking garage levels, two coworking floors, five residential floors, and an amenity deck, all of which are managed by separate parties. 


Building management and the coworking organization are able to manage parking access via a web portal. Authorized users can access the garage door with a valid RFID tag in or on their vehicle, which is read by a long-distance tag reader.


Card access is managed by Salto, who specialize in wireless access control.

  • Wired readers at entrance points, elevators and stairwells update a user’s card with the latest permissions when they swipe
  • A user’s card is erased if their access has been removed, making it unusable until re-enrolled
  • When a user swipes their card at a wireless door, the card transfers the updated permissions to that lock, making expensive online access points unnecessary
  • Partitions in the Salto portal allow operators from several parties to administrate access to the spaces in the building they lease, but not that of others


Visitors access the residential lobby by video intercom, making guest access and deliveries self-managing.


All shared spaces are covered by Samsung cameras.

A web portal and a mobile app make reviewing video easy from anywhere in the world.

Small, discreet cameras from Avigilon keep constant watch in the elevators, making surveillance in that small space unobtrusive.

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