Cambridge Qt300/600 Sound Processor

Category: Sound Masking
Manufacturer: Cambridge Sound Management show products

The Qt300 and Qt600 are ideal for medium to large multi-zone spaces of up to 36,000 or 72,000 square feet. This system is capable of covering up to 3 or 6 diverse areas in buildings needing improved speech privacy.

This robust and feature-rich system is easy to control and maintain. Users can adjust system settings via the easy-interface front panel, and can also set up error reporting and establish time dependent masking levels via their PC, Mac or tablet device using the intuitive Qt® Monitoring and Control Software. Additionally, the Qt300 and Qt600 are integrated solutions offering sound masking along with paging and music via the two auxiliary audio inputs. With a web interface that's easy to understand and use, an office manager can administer the system without dedicating valuable time or effort.


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